From the Ground Up book series


Mandalas for the From the Ground Up book series Osborne/McGraw-Hill Each of these mandalas uses a variety of objects to represent the topics covered in each book title. I also designed the series covers. I call these illustrations "digital" mandalas. They are created by combining photography, illustration, scanned imagery, 3D renderings, bits and pieces into [...]

SIMBS Jersey Design


SIMBS Jersey design This project was my entry in the South Island Mountain Bike Society (SIMBS) jersey design contest. Unfortunately I came in second, but it was a very close vote and I like the design so here it is. I incorporated names of some of the trails at Hartland Bike Park and I chose [...]

Winterfest & Craft Fair billboard


Winterfest & Craft Fair billboard 10' x 24' The Winterfest & Craft Fair in Parksville, BC needed a billboard to support their event. Their existing marketing materials used a signature Celtic snowflake, so I decided to emphasize that by texture mapping the snowflake onto a huge, single 3D ornament that dominates the design. The ornament [...]

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