NoZone Logo


NOZONE Clothing Company logo NoZone Clothing Company is a North American leader in producing UPF 50+ sun protective clothing for children and adults. They needed a logo to support their new products geared toward adults. The logo needed to be legible at small sizes and suitable for application as a heat transfer. The central letterform [...]

Interferry Conference Guide


Interferry Conference guide One of the many Interferry conference related projects I work on, the guide is typically 44+ pages and includes sponsor articles, sponsor ads, Interferry articles, a schedule spread, speaker bios and more. I handle the entire project from working with the sponsors regarding their ads and articles to the design, printing and [...]

Musicpak Identity


Musicpak Identity Logo, Cards and MP3 Player Musicpak was an early technology that provided a way for artists to deliver their music securely, allowing them to maintain control over their digital property in the age of Napster and file sharing. I designed the logo to symbolize the Music file being surrounding by a protective "wrapper" [...]

Al Ward’s Photoshop Productivity Toolkit


Al Ward's Photoshop Productivity Toolkit • Sybex This cover was a completely new project to promote Al Ward's collection of "over 600 time-saving actions" for Photoshop. Some "before and after" images were supplied. I took the photo of the Sears Tower which turned out to be the perfect composition for the vertical space, and used [...]

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