Camp Pringle Logo


Camp Pringle logo redesign This update of the Camp Pringle logo uses elements from the existing logo – the sun, the cross from the original Spencer Hall, and the waves – and incorporates them into this new design. The former logo, while well liked, was round which made it difficult to incorporate into various communications. [...]

Interferry logo


Interferry logo  Interferry facilitates networking and communications within the ferry industry and represents the ferry industry on regulatory and policy matters. Formerly known as the International Marine Transit Association (IMTA), Interferry began to expand its mandate in 2003 and needed an updated logo to suit the new objectives. I created a logo that implies the [...]

NoZone Logo


NOZONE Clothing Company logo NoZone Clothing Company is a North American leader in producing UPF 50+ sun protective clothing for children and adults. They needed a logo to support their new products geared toward adults. The logo needed to be legible at small sizes and suitable for application as a heat transfer. The central letterform [...]

Musicpak Identity


Musicpak Identity Logo, Cards and MP3 Player Musicpak was an early technology that provided a way for artists to deliver their music securely, allowing them to maintain control over their digital property in the age of Napster and file sharing. I designed the logo to symbolize the Music file being surrounding by a protective "wrapper" [...]

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