Interferry Stage Backdrop – Santander, Spain 2021


Interferry Conference Stage Backdrop – Santander, Spain 2021 The backdrop was the largest yet at 8 feet high by 36 feet wide. As usual the primary messaging is up high so that it is prominent in photographs. Brittany Ferries was the host sponsor and all the ferries are in their current fleet. The backdrop was [...]

Camp Pringle Logo


Camp Pringle logo redesign This update of the Camp Pringle logo uses elements from the existing logo – the sun, the cross from the original Spencer Hall, and the waves – and incorporates them into this new design. The former logo, while well liked, was round which made it difficult to incorporate into various communications. [...]

Interferry Conference 2021 Santander advertisements


Interferry Conference Promotional Ads These ads run in our conference Media Partner publications, and are updated as the conference information changes, i.e. speakers, sponsors and events. The ads typically feature a vessel in the host sponsor's fleet, which in this case is Brittany Ferries' Cap Finistere. I also use images of the conference location and [...]

Victoria Maternity Doctors website


Victoria Maternity Doctors website When reviewing the websites for other regional maternity practices, I noticed that they had one thing in common – no babies! The VMD website is a single page design with parallax images showcasing lots of moms and babies. The information on the site is organized in an easily accessible fashion. Patients [...]

Interferry logo


Interferry logo  Interferry facilitates networking and communications within the ferry industry and represents the ferry industry on regulatory and policy matters. Formerly known as the International Marine Transit Association (IMTA), Interferry began to expand its mandate in 2003 and needed an updated logo to suit the new objectives. I created a logo that implies the [...]

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